Group Training

In each session, we begin with a warm-up and skills practice; then move into the workout of the day (WOD). We finish with some much needed flexibility training and cool down. Imagine the perfect workout scenario that is guaranteed to work if you follow through with the program.

Give it a try for free. Contact us today for one free Intro workout, by using the form to the right or by phone at (830) 643-1811. This free workout must be scheduled in advance. Surprise drop-ins will not be allowed to workout, but you may watch. After your free Intro workout, You may sign up to finish the Intro Program or, you may schedule a few one-on-one personal training sessions.


Introductory/Foundations Program 

All members new to CrossFit must complete the Intro Program before attending the regular CrossFit workouts. This includes 2 seperate personal training workouts.Thety are offered on Monday at 6p and Thursday at 6p.  There is a 30% discounts for more than one new member. If you are transfering from another CrossFit too Alpha CF, and you can demonstrate to our coaches that you are profecient in most exercise movements, you may be able to participate in the regualr Crossfit workouts right away. 


CrossFit Group Training Pricing

Membership includes unlimited group CrossFit workouts. This includes the CrossFit WOD’s, fundamentals/skills workout, Mind & Body class, and any other specialized classes, unless stated. Once you complete the Intro Program you may, as a regular CrossFit member, continue to participate in those learning classes. There are no other sees associated with your membership, no card fee, no enrollment fee, no towel fee. These prices are a monthly payment options. You may pay in full upfront if you wish. Their is no additional discount for paying up front.  Please check the schedule page to see available group workout times (Click here).

  Single Member 25% discount on any added family member*
Introductory Program
$60 one time fee $120 one time fee
Monthly payment  $135/ month $235 / month   
3 Months PIF $375 $675  
6 Months PIF $720 $1320
10 Day Punch Pass $150  
First Responder, Military $125 / month $225 / month
* Additional Family Members are defined as: any person(s) living under the same roof. 


Alpha Kids' Zone: The Kids Zone is Free to all new members needing to bring your children!
Alpha CrossFit has designated a 230 Sq/ft area that has been 4' high walled in for your children's safety and entertainment.  The Kids Zone is a non-supervised kids area. We provide a safe and fun enclosed environment for your child to hang out and play while you complete your workout. We also provide activities and items for the children to play with. We have a TV and DVD player, please bring your child's favorite movie to watch. We also have many fun active activities and toys to help keep your children happy and entertained while you enjoy your workout peacefully.