About Us

Alpha CrossFit is staffed by CrossFit certified coaches & personal trainers who are dedicated to helping our clients improve their lives. Heard CrossFit is tough? It is, but every workout is infinitely scalable to suit any age or fitness level. At Alpha CrossFit, we cater to both high-level athletic performance goals, and individuals with physical limitations. We train competitive athletes, firefighters, business people, weekend warriors, cancer survivors, post rehab patients, Moms, Dads and grandparents! CrossFit is for you too. 


Alpha CrossFit is Different

At Alpha CrossFit, you are never on your own! Whether you sign up for personal training, or group CrossFit Workouts, you will never perform an uninstructed workout. A CrossFit certified trainer will coach you through every workout every time you set foot in our gym. 

Its no secret CrossFit workouts are hard. We will start with the fundamentals and teach you proper movement and skills to safely perform any workout imaginable. Plus...we make it fun! No workout is exactly the same and you will never get bored. Remember: every workout is tailored to your personal skill level. There's no guessing here, just results.

What do I get at Alpha CrossFit?

CrossFit Workouts consists of an extensive warm-up including Myofascial release, stretching, and joint positing correction. Together we then move onto the practice and explanation of the exercises for that day’s workout. Next everyone will complete the workout of the day (WOD). Every workout will have a prescribed (RX) weight and rep count for each exercise. These are set to challenge the best athletes in the facility that day. These standards can and will be modified, as needed, for each person’s individual needs. Less weight, less reps or even an alternate exercise may be used to make sure everyone is working for their capabilities for that day’s WOD. Every workout from start to finish will be continually coached by a certified CrossFit Coach! You will never workout on your own.


Introductory Classes are required for all members new to CrossFit. Any member may opt to attend more classes after their initial completion of the Intro Program. The Intro program consists of 3 introductory workouts. These workouts are offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6p.  In these classes, you will learn proper exercise technique and coaching ques for all major lifts and movements. We will establish your beginning workout capacity and strengths for some barbell lifts.  Upon completion of the Intro Program you will feel confident knowing how to properly perform Squats, Presses, Pulls, Jumps, and other movements we use in our workouts.


Olympic Weightlifting  We have one USAW Olympic Lifitng Club level coach on staff.  The Clean and Jerk and the Snatch are the two main lifts you will be working on, along with many other variations. You will squat often and heavy. You will press overhead and pull from various heights, focusing on technique and building strength. These classes are taught by advanced coaches with specific education requirements, their is an additional charge charge for attending this specialty classes. Members fee is $65 per month and non members are $95 per month- See more at: http://alphacrossfit.com/training/group-training.html#sthash.2klp3b7J.dpuf


CrossFit Endurance  Our coaches have attended multiple POSE running seminars and attained there CrossFit Endurance Coaches certificate. They are highly qualified and experienced in the endurance training world. Due to there advanced education and experience these classes do come with an extra fee. Please contact Chris to set you up with one of our CF Endurance  Coaches for personal training. Endurance workouts are designed to teach participants how to run with proper technique, ans well as strengthen the muscles needed for faster and longer runs. We coach running with a specific movement pattern. You will learn and perform countless drills and skills designed to teach you body how to run with proper technique. You will learn how to run more efficiently in order to prevent injury and improve your times. This class is a learn how to run class only.

We do offer running programs that will provide you with a blueprint for a specific race distance. It will be up to you to complete that program and train for your race. We have 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, full marathon sprint triathlon, Olympic tri, and ½ iron man tri programs. Each program, if followed properly, is designed for you to complete your strongest and most enjoyable race ever.

If you prefer continuous coaching for your running program on a regular basis, this falls under personal training and/or small group training. Please contact Chris to set you up with one of our Endurance coaches. 


Combat Hapkido comes with and additional fee as well. It is $55 per person per month and open to the public.  It is an extremely realistic and versatile discipline of self protection, which includes a variety of strikes, kicks, joint locks, pressure points, grappling and disarming techniques. It is well-suited for all ages. The essence of Combat Hapkido is pure self defense. It is the synthesis of dynamic concepts, scientific principles, realistic application and common sense. Please contact Master Mark Schierhoff-Roane at 830.469.6769 or camgrp@hotmail.com